BeeMushroomed Feeder
BeeMushroomed Feeder
A cutting edge mycotechnology that’s SO easy to use, we can ALL help to Save The Bees.

Our Mission:

Save the Bees.

A cutting edge mycotechnology that’s SO easy to use, we can ALL help to Save The Bees. The patent-pending BeeMushroomed™ Feeder is a delivery system + mushroom extract to support bees’ natural health in this time of crisis.

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Make a difference now:

Bees are declining worldwide due to multiple stressors. There is an urgent need to help bees survive. Estimates of losses of domesticated bees range from 35–75% in the U.S. year to year. Domesticated bees (ex. Apis mellifera) are critical for agriculture, and more than 2,000,000 beehives are managed in the United States alone. The loss of these managed bees is easy to measure since hives can be routinely inspected. Unfortunately, the loss of wild bees is difficult to measure as their colonies are small, often ground-based, dispersed throughout the environment, hidden from view. Estimates are that wild bees contribute nearly 80% of the pollination services that benefit farmers and agriculture. The continued decline in bee populations, both domestic and wild, are a threat to worldwide food biosecurity. Unless countermeasures are taken, the cost to society, both in terms of economic impacts and the weakening of biodiversity, is inevitable. There is an urgent need to support bees.

Two types of bumblebees (Bombus mixtus and Bombus melanopygus) visiting the BeeMushroomed Feeder

Bombus mixtus and Bombus melanopygus (native Bumblebees) Beefeeder May 18 2019 Stamets farm maze running.jpg

Biodiversity = Biosecurity

"This discovery represents the beginning of a paradigm shift supporting biodiversity = biosecurity. And that natural products can offer a broader bioshield of benefits than pure pharmaceuticals... Applied mycology offers actionable solutions to many of the environmental challenges we face today. The field of mycology is under-funded, under-recognized, and under-utilized."

-Paul Stamets



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