When can i get the beemushroomed bee feeder Paul Stamets told me about?

We have quite a few prototypes at this point. We hope to start manufacturing in the summer of 2019. If we get 10,000 preorders we will be able to move to manufacturing much more quickly.

How much does it cost? Can I get a discount? Sliding scale pricing?

We are working hard during the prototyping and design stages to choose practical materials and processes for manufacturing. We hope to offer the Citizen Bee feeder for free with a subscription to the bee supporting extract developed by Fungi Perfecti Labs. We estimate the cost will be about ~$10-$20 USD. Pre-order forms are here.

If I live in the city, can I use this in my apt, dorm, etc?

Yes, it’s easy, anyone can use it to support pollinator populations.

What is in the extract?

Developed by Fungi Perfecti and tested with Washington State- see Research.

How does the extract work?

By boosting immunity of wild bees. See the Research Page

Whats the bee feeder made of?

Initial prototypes are Resin, We plan to manufacture the Bee Feeder from safe recyclable PP or recycled ocean plastic.

Can i make one with my 3d printer?

We will make the 3d printing plans available for individuals whose use is non-commerical, after we enter the manufacturing process.

How do I get the citizen bee feeder?

We now have pre-order forms available. We estimate they will be available for purchase in fall of 2019.

Where do I put the bee feeder? wheres the best location?

Hang below treeline. If you do not notice bees coming, try moving the location of the feeder.

Can other insects get inside?

The design includes standoff legs and hanging equipment to deter other intruding insects, but it’s possible that other insects might like the food too. Keep a log book if you see other interesting insects in your Bee Feeder- it could be more rare pollinators that are native to your area. It often takes 3-5 days for bees to discover and since yellow jacks also carry these bee-damaging viruses, if they visit the bee feeder, that is good too ! If so, you May see them happily co-visiting and sharing !

Can I recycle the bee feeder?

Yes, the materials are listed on the product page.

IS there a patent for the beemushroomed feeder?

Yes, click here for the patent pending documents

Is there an optimal height at which to install my bee feeder?

No, anywhere below the trees. You can set the bee feeder on a ledge, or near your feeder. We include 5 feet of Paracord to allow you to hang the feeder.

How often should I clean my bee feeder?

You should not need to clean your bee feeder very often.

How do i make the extract?

Mix (by volume), 1/2 water and 1/2 sugar. Heat this sugar water to simmering so it dissolves. Allow to cool. Now add 1%, by volume, our Reishi extract. This is equivalent to 1 ml. per 1000 mls. (1 liter). A single oz. (30 ml.) is enough to fill the 3000 ml. (3 liters) jar accompanying the bee feeder 10 times ! Depending on bee visits, this will help the bees for many weeks, if not months. Donʼt bee surprised if it takes 3-5 days for the bees to discover. Once they do their waggle dance to let other bees know, they will soon stream to your bee feeder. 

What is the best way to clean it? 

The bee feeder is best washed by hand with mild soap.

What should I do if I see ants or other insects on the bee feeder?

As a citizen scientist, help this project by recording what is occurring. Change conditions, like the placement of the feeder then monitor it for insect activity.

Can I use pesticides and herbicides in proximity to my bee feeder?

Insecticides do harm bee populations. Please search for natural options like essential oils, and companion planting.

How do I know when to put my bee feeder out in the spring?

Put it out when the bees become active.

When should I bring it in in the fall?

When the weather get’s colder and you notice the bees are not feeding anymore, you can put your bee feeder away for next year.

Is there anything I should do before storing my bee feeder for the winter?

Clean it with warm soapy water, and pack it safely for use next season.