The BeeMushroomed™ Citizen Scientist Bee Feeder is the first prototype of the Bee Feeder to deliver immune supporting extract to the bees. We will be rapidly developing the BeeMushroomed™ “CBF” in 2019.


BeeMushroomed™ CBF - Base

Our initial Bee Feeding Labyrinthine Module will allow anyone to help feed local bees basic sugar water. With the addition of our proprietary extracts this module can become a powerful point of health for the Bees.

BeeMushroomed™ CBF - tech

The “CBF - Tech” will be implemented after further development. The goal of this module will be to allow analytical data to be collected from the CBF base unit. Information such as, temp, humidity, lux, CO2, bee count, and other key environmental factors.

BeeMushroomed™ CBF - solar

The “CBF - Solar” will be implemented after the CB1 module. This will allow daytime running LED based UV attraction light scheme. The module will allow the CBF to light up with a spectrum of light that will attract the Bees.

BeeMushroomed™ CBF - Connect

The “CBF - Connect” will allow the aforementioned modules connect via low impact wireless communication to reports back data for use by scientists around the world.